Local Black Lives Matter protest fights for change

Panama City

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — As protests continue across the country, people are peacefully creating change as well.

Over at Oaks By The Bay, a black lives matter photo event and march took place to encourage conversation and change.

Sunday’s event was a one of a kind photoshoot that hasn’t been done locally yet. People were seen holding signs throughout the day and being photographed as a way to start these important conversations.

“Starting a conversation, the first thing is to just understand us and see us. See that you have people here that we are thinking, we’re talking about these things. We’re talking about Black Lives Matter, we’re talking about police and justice, systemic racism things like that,” said Protester, Sydney Ward.

The organizers of this event are making an effort to show the city that no ones is alone during these difficult times

“We’re out here to fight for the Sonny’s, we’re out here to fight for the Eric Gardner’s, and the George Floyd’s,” said Protester, Lamarr Williams.

A march was also part of the day to get people to understand the message. The group says they look to make everybody be remembered and never forgotten, especially those who have died at the hands of law enforcement.

“When you see it on the tv, and you see it in different areas, in the United States, it’s kind of hard to resonate with that, what happens in your own community and people that you know, people that you go to school with, that you work with, that are out here talking about a message they believe in, I think it hits closer to home,” said Ward.

“With whats going on right now in the world, thats real. Its not a distraction. People really need to tap into America and how people of color are being treated. The injustice in our system and I hope that speaking out and everyone else speaking out really gets our message across,” said Protestor, Sytreka Williamson.

Event leaders say they are speaking out and standing up for the community and peacefully getting their voices heard.

“We want something at least, a movement, something. To capture people’s hearts, capture people’s eyes, because a lot of us its in our hearts. A lot of us have kids that have to grow up during this time,” said Williams.

The group plans to host a midnight march to The Springfield Police Department after a recent incident occurred with a Springfield Police Officer.

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