BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – You may have noticed 13 colorful murals painted on the side of downtown buildings all created by local artists.

“And seeing that art is being revitalized was one of the drawing factors for me to come back home,” said “Uh Beautiful Mes” artist Morgan Summers. “I am originally from here.”

Summers was living in Orlando when she heard about the need for local artists to paint Panama City streets. She got involved immediately. Summers made this vintage postcard inspired by her childhood. It is now on the side of the Bay County Chamber of commerce building on west fifth street.

“There are some Panama City-specific things but there are also some general Floridian things,” Summers said. “So I’d like to think that the tourists can see something they recognize, but then there are spoilers in there for locals as well.”

This mural took over four weeks to complete. It is just one of thirteen decorating the downtown area. Bay Arts Alliance Executive Director Jayson Kretzer said it is been a community-wide project.

“We got some great funding from the downtown improvement board, other private investors, and the city of Panama City,” said Kretzer.

Bay Arts Alliance has raised over $50,000 to complete phase one.

“Now we are moving into phase two where we are going to do a little bit more community branding and we are going to do a bit more historical murals,” Kretzer said.

A Coca-Cola historic classic was discovered on a fourth street building. 

“We Reached out to Coke already and we are definitely interested in keeping those murals,” Kretzer said. “We probably won’t be as involved in that piece seeing as it is historic, but yea I think they are planning on keeping that if they can.”

Kretzer hopes the downtown murals are just the beginning. The next few projects will be in Millville, Glenwood, and Panama City Beach.

If you are a local artist and want to get involved visit the Bay Arts Alliance website.