PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Mental health treatment resources have been in short supply for years, even more so since covid. The Life Management Center of Northwest Florida broke ground today on a new transitional housing facility.

The Life Management Center has offered mental health services here in the panhandle since 1954.

This new transitional housing facility is one of the largest advancements in decades.

“Feels very good to have this started. And it’s very much of a need in our community,” said Life Management President Ned Ailes.

When it’s completed, this new facility will allow staff to continue following patients after they’ve completed their initial treatment.

“Typically very, very low income that doesn’t have other alternatives. They can get the services here simply by walking from building to building. So, it’ll be very convenient for the staff,” said Ailes.

Life Management used to have an off-premises group home. But it was destroyed during Hurricane Michael.     

The state appropriated $1.5 million dollars to build this new facility.

“It’s a great step forward in being able to help a person who you know is of significant needs like you know has mental health issues,” said (R) District Two State Senator Jay Trumbull.

The complex will hold a total of 16 life management patients. Each living quarter is duplex style with 1,100 square feet per person.

This is not permanent housing. Patients will be able to stay for up to a year.

“What we mean by that, of course, is moving persons back into more permanent regiments. Either with family members or living independently,” said Ailes.

Life Management is hoping to have the transitional housing complex move-in ready in early 2024.