PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Gulf Coast State College is home to a new and improved resource center for military personnel.

The new building is replacing the previous out-of-date center. 

“It was next to nothing,” veteran and Gulf Coast student Malcolm Fisk said. “It was basically a computer lab with a whiteboard and it was a small room basically. Where here, we got the whole building.” 

Construction on the new facility started more than five years ago, but was delayed by both Hurricane Michael and COVID-19. 

Fisk said the additional space and resources will help bring the military community at the college together.

 “I think moving forward this facility will probably help us to make more things happen as a group gets veterans together,” Fisk said. “And help us to communicate with each other and, you know, build a better future for everybody.”

Officials said they hope the new facility will make the college more military-friendly. 

In addition to being a private study area, it will be equipped with all-new computers, a kitchen, and a private conference area. 

The center also has resource information about scholarships and other programs benefitting veterans. 

“We hope that we can attract and support and educate many, many more members of our military, particularly as Tyndall continues to grow,” Chairman of Golf Coast State College’s Board of Trustees Bill Cramer said. 

Officials said the facility’s intent is to provide a one-stop shop for veterans.

“For our active duty veterans and dependent students to provide a place for them to come to not just to socialize, but to also learn about all of the programs that are available for them here at the college and at,” Cramer said. 

The facility is located on the east end of the campus, in the old WKGC radio station.