PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – FSU Panama City is hoping to get a new $7.6 million campus addition.

They want to add a collegiate laboratory high school to serve ninth to 12th graders. This lab school would cater to kids from military members.

In the next year or so, FSU Panama City is hoping to open its doors to high school students and university students.

“Collegiate high school to have folks in the ninth and 10th grade be collegiate ready, and then hopefully in the 11 and 12 grade do dual enrollment courses either here or at Gulf Coast State College,” FSU PC Dean Dr. Randy Hanna said.

Hanna said they have asked the Triumph Board for $7.6 million to open this laboratory high school.

“We want to make sure that those students who want to go into the workforce will be able to receive industry certifications so we are going to embed those industry certifications into the curriculum,” Hanna said. 

The college of education is currently working on the charter and curriculums. Hanna said right now they are looking at where the school might be placed. It could be here on campus or somewhere else in Panama City.

“We looked at the needs of our community and felt that there would be a need for that here and at the same time have a research lab school that has a priority for dependence on active duty military as we are looking to grow the base of the future at Tyndall Air Force base,” Hanna said.

He wants to see the school operational by August 2023.

FSU Tallahassee opened a collegiate laboratory high school two years ago. Hanna hopes Triumph accepts their grant application on May 25th for this lab school in Panama City.