FDOT to add brighter lights to a portion of Highway 98 in Panama City

Panama City

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — In an effort to make the roads safer The Florida Department of Transportation is planning to add more lights on Highway 98.

Now that daylight saving time has ended, most people are leaving work when it’s already dark. Which makes this project all the more important.

Panama City Resident Heather Parker said it’s about time this project happens. 

“We want to make it safe for people to jog and get outside,” Parker said.

Parker said more people are traveling by foot down Highway 98 each day. But in the darkness, they can be hard to see. 

The biggest areas of concern are between the 23rd Street flyover and Grant Avenue. 

“We need to adapt as an evolving community to the idea that it is people first and vehicles second,” Parker said. 

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In the past five years, the Panama City Police Department said they have worked a total of 17 vehicle versus pedestrian accidents just in this small portion of Highway 98. Three of those were fatal. 

Ian Satter, the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Transportation, said they are constantly studying the roadways. 

He said they noticed a lot of the severe crashes in the area happen after dark. 

“By improving the lighting out here we will be able to enhance safety, have fewer crashes on this roadway,” Satter said. 

Within the next year, the Florida Department of Transportation will be investing around 600 thousand dollars into lighting upgrades on this road. 

“We have an older lighting system here so you’ll have brighter lights, better vision for folks out there, it’s going to improve safety,” Satter said. 

Satter said this will include led lights that will also brighten up the sideroads connected to 98.

He said if you ever see an area in need of more lights to contact FDOT. 

“If there is a need for lighting or other safety improvements, those are investments we are always willing to make to ensure the safety of all of our road users,” Satter said. 

DOT is in the design phases of this project. It’s scheduled to begin in fall 2022. 

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