PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Harrison Avenue will soon look a bit different, the Golden Arches at McDonald’s are coming down.

The restaurant first opened in 1962, many made childhood memories at this restaurant.

“As a little girl, this is where we came, this was our McDonald’s when it had the arches outside and it had cement tables and we would come and feed the birds, I think a lot of people in this town will tell you they did the same thing,’ Costa Enterprises Operations Manager Tammy Darnell said.

Tuesday marks the last day of business in Panama City.

“We’ve made the decision in conjunction with McDonald’s Corporation to go ahead and make today our last day, that decision wasn’t made lightly and we took into account what’s happening in the area here, demographics, traffic flow of additional restaurants in the area” Costa Enterprises Vice President of Operations Kevin McKone said

Customers enjoyed one last meal on Harrison Avenue.

“There was a gentleman and his wife that came in this morning and they said that they were one of the first customers that we had and he wanted to be one of the last and he called several of his friends and they arrived too today,” Darnell said.

“We appreciate McDonald’s and we thank them cause we’ve been coming here a long time, I’ve brought my grandchildren here every day, they eat my grandbaby every day, and she loves it she going to miss it too, we all going to miss it,” customer Debra Ann McClain said.

Employees will be relocated to other restaurants in Bay County.

“You hear the word family tossed around a lot, but we really are a family and it’s a family business run by a husband and wife and then their children so the people here are very, very important to us,” McKone said.

As for the building’s future, it’s owned by the McDonald’s corporation, no word on what will become of it.

Some of the equipment at the restaurant will be moved and put to use at another location.