PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The recently revealed Coca-Cola mural in downtown Panama City was unveiled Wednesday.

Two local artists recently restored the artwork, after it was rediscovered last year.

“Living in Panama City my whole entire life,” Panama City Coca-Cola Sales Manager Paul Corbin said. “To be here today, leading Coca-Cola in Panama City, it’s just really cool. It’s fantastic. Just happy to be a part of it.”

A mural, which included a Coca-Cola logo from the 1950s, was covered up by stucco siding in the 1980s. It was revealed during renovations to the side of the Tom’s Hotdogs building back in November.

Many in the community say it adds flair to downtown, especially being closer to building back the city after Hurricane Michael.

“I think it gives us one more attraction for people to come and take a look at with the other murals that are downtown, but they’ll also be able to learn the history behind this mural,” Tom’s Hotdogs owner Pam Armstrong said.

At Tuesday’s mural unveiling event, the family of the original painter of the mural, the late Jimmy Purvis, made a surprise appearance.

“When the arts building was here, we didn’t even know it was there,” Jeannette Purvis, wife of Jimmy, said. “We were shocked when we drove by here and saw it the first time. We’ve got a lot of memories of him, and I never anticipated anything like this.”

The Purvis family said they are thankful for the restored mural painters, Skip Bondur and Logan Flint, for helping to keep Jimmy’s memory alive.

“My heart is just overflowing,” Purvis said. “I’ll never forget now that I’ll be able to share his memories with everyone.”

Attendees also received limited edition Coca-Cola bottles and free Tom’s Hotdogs.