PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A former beloved Panama City mural is about to breathe a new life.

Two local artists are on a mission to restore a piece of the 20th century downtown Panama City.

“Stepping out into that 1947 to 1950, and this is what it would look like,” painter Logan Flint said. “So when you’re strolling down, seeing a show at the Martin or wherever it may be, eating at Tom’s Hotdogs, this is what they were looking at then.”

The logos for Brake Hardware and Coca-Cola were discovered on the side of Tom’s Hotdogs back in November.

It used to be the site of an old Texaco gas station.

“It’s going to be exciting to see,” painter Skip Bondur said. “The Brake Hardware piece is up there right now, but we’re gonna basically do the wall from the top to the bottom, and restore the Coca-Cola mural that was there, as well. We’re just excited to be able, for us, just to stand back and look up there and go, ‘Wow, we got to play a part in this.'”

The piece even has a special meaning for Flint.

“This is where, on a blind date, my grandmother and grandfather met,” he said. “She was from UGA, coming down with her girlfriends and he was a full-service attendant at the gas station, and so the rest is history. To put a brush on this wall is amazing.”

The duo hopes to inspire the community with their work.

“For me, it’s taking something that was covered up years ago but something that was created like, 70 years ago, and actually putting that back on display for the entire community,” Bondur said. “To me, that can inspire somebody to realize that history can remind us of what’s coming and also encourage us just to go out, be creative and do something awesome.”

Once the restored mural is complete, it will be temporarily covered up. An official reveal will be held on July 20.