PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A staple of Bay County’s restaurant scene is making a comeback. Charlie Coram is building a new Charlie Coram’s Place on Highway 98 in St. Andrews.

Coram opened his first restaurant on Thomas Drive in 1986. In 1992 he and his three brothers built another restaurant on Tyndall Parkway, then a third on 23rd Street which closed last year. But there’s something special about the new St. Andrews location.

“We feel like we’re at home,” Coram said. “We live about half a mile from here. My oldest brother lived about three blocks from here.”

When it opens on June 1, customers will notice the restaurant will look different. There won’t be an open grill in the front.

“This will be the kitchen area,” Coram said.

The biggest change is a private dining area. Coram said he has good reason for re-inventing his restaurant. 

“I’ve got a son that’s with the sheriff’s department,” Coram said. “He’s fourth-generation law enforcement in Bay County. I wanted to offer this to them whenever they come in for a meal so that they could get 30 minutes of relaxation away from everybody.”

Residents are also anxious for the new restaurant to open. Coram said they’ve had to travel to the Bayou George location.

“I’ve been waiting on it,” Bay County Resident Mike Kilgore said. “I noticed the little fire trucks sitting out there saying it was coming soon. I’ve been waiting for almost six months, I guess.”

Coram said he plans to bring back his staff and add another 15-20 employees. He will also expand the menu.