PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Panama City Downtown Improvement Board is pushing for city commissioners to allow people to walk around downtown with open alcohol containers.

“It’s positive news because what I believe is we wouldn’t be in negotiations or talks with the city if they weren’t at least open to the idea of folks enjoying a little bit more of a shop and serve atmosphere,” board member and downtown business owner Nate Taylor said.

Board members made a few minor changes to the proposed ordinance. Extending the map to include the Sapp House and changing the time to 9 a.m. until midnight.

“Anybody that has the opportunity to have a seat at the table really needs to look at what the future holds, not just fixing the problems of today, we need to think about our future entrepreneurs, our future business owners, and whether or not we’re becoming an economic and business-friendly destination,” Destination Panama City President and CEO Jennifer Vigil said.

Businesses would sell drinks to customers in to-go cups, with a sticker on the side. The DIB will approve the sticker.

“The different folks that are even moving to our state, in our region, that want to be a part of our legacy here in Bay County so what’s happening is people are becoming joyful one of the ways that we can be joyful really is by enjoying different cocktails, foods, and experiences with each other,” Taylor said.

City commissioners will have to review the proposal, and then vote to create the new ordinance. Any changes the city makes would delay the vote. DIB officials are still hoping it will pass before the end of this year.