PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Preserve Beach Drive petitioners continued to oppose the City’s planned multi-use path project at Monday’s “Meet the Mayor” event at City Hall.

The project uses state funding and cannot be repurposed for another project. At last week’s commission meeting, Panama City Mayor Michael Rohan proposed sending a letter to the State legislature to ask them to reconsider reallocating the funds for another project. That request was rejected.

“The Commission has made up their mind that this is going to happen and they’re not going to change their mind,” said Rohan.

During the meeting, some residents considered targeting the commissioner’s insurers.

“It’s my understanding that we can make it a complaint to the bond company or we can even let them know that we’re going to make a complaint to the bond company. And then they might start going, ‘OK, I’ve got to pay attention,'” said one resident.

“We don’t have the money to bribe so, you know, blackmail. It’s our next choice,” said another.

Commissioners recently approved a time extension for the project, giving them an extra year to complete the project. The project is due to be discussed at the commission’s next regular meeting.