PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Bay District Schools Officials are worried parents might be putting their own children at risk while dropping them off and picking them up from school each day. 

They say some parents and guardians haven’t been following the proper drop-off and pick-up procedures. There have been three serious incidents where children were dropped off at the wrong location. 

One child was even hit by a vehicle. Luckily, that student is okay, but there have also been many close calls. Officials say they understand pick-up and drop-off lines are inconvenient, but the process is designed to keep students safe.

“Here’s our main goal. We want a child to be able to go to school and go home safely, OK?,” said Bay District Schools Chief of Police Douglass Boortz. “You might want to look to adjust your schedule a little bit more to prevent this.”

District officials are asking for everyone’s cooperation to avoid more incidents.