PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County Sheriff’s officials have a new way to communicate with the public. They’ve built a new podcast studio to give residents a glimpse behind the scenes.

Lights, cameras, and behind-the-scenes action! The Bay County Sheriff’s Office seeking a new way to connect with the public.

“So, I think the more informed the public is on what their Sheriff’s office is doing, the more the safer our community will be. So, it’s important to us to let them know what goes on behind the scenes at the Sheriff’s office, how they can help us keep this community safe, as well as let them know about threats to their safety.”

The agency’s new podcast studio will be used to release footage that is normally inaccessible to most people, Sheriff Ford added.

“We may highlight current events that are happening where we have in a body cam footage, dash cam footage, footage from the helicopter,” said Sheriff Ford.

The construction took nearly 4 months to complete and cost approximately $13,000.

“So, we used our crime prevention fund, so those are not tax dollars. It’s a fund that is court costs of when somebody is arrested, they pay a court costs, and a certain portion of those goes into a crime prevention fund. And we’re able to use it for projects.”

Be sure to keep an eye out on the release of the first upcoming episode from ‘Behind the Star’.

“I expect the first one to come out in a week or two, so we’ll be airing it on our social media platforms and I anticipate probably a YouTube channel,” said Sheriff Ford.

You’ll be able to watch that first episode after it airs next week. To check out the Bay County Sheriff’s Office podcast click here