PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County residents gathered on the Hathaway Bridge Thursday morning to protest Florida’s new immigration legislation.

The law puts stricter regulations on undocumented immigrants.

“It makes me feel mad,” protester Lucia Lopez said. “It makes me feel like we kind of like going back that worse instead of going somewhere. I understand the immigration but let the people from immigration and the border do the work.”

Once the law takes effect on July 1, those who employ undocumented immigrants will face harsher penalties.

“We’re here to work,” Lopez said. “We’re not here to do any harm.”

Those who aid migrants coming to the United States will also face tougher sanctions.   

The law saw fierce pushback in Florida, with protests staged in 6-other cities including Tallahassee. 

“We are here today because we are supporting all our people,” Lopez said. “I see the same. My child was born here in West Palm Beach. Not just because I’m an American citizen and not for my people. I’m Latino myself.”

Lopez also said the new law hurts Florida’s economy. 

“It’s pretty upsetting,” Lopez said. “That’s the word, mad and upsetting, because this law not only is harming a lot of families it’s harming the state itself, you know, the economy of this state because we allow labor here, constructions, restaurant.”

The law does not mention the Latino community. 

However, Lopez said they’re unfairly targeted and are displaying the largest pushback. 

“We workers we had children that were born here in this state,” Lopez said.“ Please. You know, just this to me is it makes no sense for all these laws that he’s doing against our community. I think you should be smart enough to know that you harming this state, not just harming our families.”