PANAMA CITY, FL. (WMBB) — The Family Service Agency out in Panama City has partnered with Hip.Sea out on Thomas Drive for Christmas donations for a local nursing home.

The Family Service Agency has been around for more than 50 years helping locals find jobs, and giving supplies to people who may not be able to afford it. This year marks the 3rd year they have picked a Bay County nursing home to help out during Christmas. Family Service Agency Executive Director Susan Bravo says sometimes senior citizens go overlooked.

“Nursing homes have residents who are income-limited and they usually have very little left at the end of the month. Our Medicare Medicaid excuse me, Medicaid folks, in general, have about $54 a month left for hygiene for anything that they want,” said Bravo.

One of the places you can donate to besides the Family Service Agency is Hip.Sea. This is a gift shop located on Thomas Drive. This is the first year they have partnered together for Christmas donations and the Hip.Sea General Manager Kayla Hernandez says Hygiene products and clothing are needed most.

“Hair care products. For sure. For all types of hair. That is the number one thing that they have been asking for, which is kind of sad. But they are desperately in need of hair care products,” said Hernandez.

Also, men’s razors, pajamas, and socks are at the top of the list. For a full list and how you can donate click here.