PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) —Panama City Beach council members are closer to their goal of 6-laning Panama City Beach Parkway, also known as Back Beach Road.

They announced tonight that motorists can expect the widening project to be underway sometime later this year.

The widening will be broken up into three sections. 

The first will stretch from frank brown park to the busy bee at nautilus street. 

The bid for that first section could go out next month after the new budget year begins on July 1st. 

“The lanes are going to move out a little bit, but they’re also going to move and they’re going to make additional space in the median for more lanes so that the existing lanes can still be utilized,” Michael Jarman said. 

Jarman says the council doesn’t have an exact timeline yet, but residents can expect the other two bids to go out shortly after the first bid is finalized.