30 years later murder victim’s family still seeking death penalty

Panama City

PANAMA CITY Fla. (WMBB) — The family of a Panama City woman brutally murdered almost 30 years ago, were back in court today reliving their pain and anguish.

Lisa Redd’s siblings and a cousin gave emotional testimony during her killer’s resentencing hearing.

Redd’s sister Carol Atwell said they will keep fighting for justice.

“Lisa does not have a voice in this case but her family does,” Atwell said.

One by one family members took the stand to persuade Judge Brantley Clark that Orme deserves the death penalty. 

Redd’s cousin Dawn Wriggler said Redd was so beautiful and did not deserve this.

“You stole from them the light of their life and disregarded Lisa as if she was nothing,” Wriggler said.

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Atwell gave her own testimony, then read powerful impact letters written by those who knew Redd best. 

They described Redd’s personality and life goals that Orme ripped away. 

“The pains my family has endured over the past few decades cannot be verbally expressed,” Atwell said. “This person’s actions have left a huge hole in our family.”

Redd was a nurse. She knew Orme, who was a drug addict.

In 1992, he called her and asked her to help him at Lee’s Motel in Panama City, where he was living.

When she showed up Orme raped Redd then beat and strangled her to death.

A jury convicted him and a judge sentenced him to death row.

This latest resentencing is the result of a high court decision, requiring a unanimous jury verdict for the death penalty.

 “Mike Orme in the past has fought courts saying he is innocent only now after his parents have passed that he admits to robbing raping and killing her,” Atwell said.

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In April Orme testified he no longer wished to fight and he is ready to die. 

“I am not suicidal, I don’t want to die,” Orme said. “I just can’t bear what I have done any longer.”

He waived his right to appear at this hearing. 

State Attorney Larry Basford submitted to the judge that the only appropriate punishment for Orme is death.

Defense Attorney David Montiello submitted to the judge that he should impose a life sentence on Orme so you do not give him what he wants. 

Judge Clark did not make any set decisions at this hearing. He did however set a pre-trial date for March 3 and Orme will be present in court. 

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