Ed. Note: This story has been updated to better reflect the conflicting accounts of the 2022 shooting.

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A 19-year-old pleaded no contest in connection to a 2022 Parker shooting Wednesday.

Investigators said Makenzie Paramore sent threatening Snapchat messages last May to one of the victims, saying a group was coming with guns to kill him.

Later that night, the group drove by a home on Park Street.

Home security video showed three men running out of the house and shooting at them. The details of the shooting have remained in conflict. Law enforcement officials said no guns were found inside the car but those in the home told News 13 they were shot at by the people in the car.

One person was killed another was wounded.

Parker Police arrested Paramore this January, charging her with making written or electronic threats to kill or do bodily harm to a person.  

In exchange for the no-contest plea, she’ll serve 36 months of probation.

“You must provide a DNA sample, forfeit any seized items, undergo mental health evaluation and counseling at your expense,” Judge Shonna Gay said. “You must attend two counseling sessions a month for the next ten months, address anger, reactions, and consequences and what took place in this case. And you must enroll within that, within 30 days of sentencing, and take all medication as prescribed.”

Paramore also can’t have any contact with any of the victims, staying at least 500 feet away from their homes and places of employment. 

No one else has been charged in the case.