PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Memorial Day weekend is in session and people from all over the United States came to celebrate the patriotic holiday by soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach.

From college students visiting for the first time to tourists who have been coming to Panama City Beach for years, it’s safe to say that everyone is enjoying their time this holiday weekend.

“The weather. Well, it’s been awesome. The ocean right now, it’s awesome. We are down here with about six or seven families. We’ve been doing this for years, and we had a big concert on the beach last night. Our friends played guitar, and we just had a great time, so. Hey, have a great holiday weekend. And we love the USA,” said Jenna and Laney Lee, a mother and daughter duo visiting Panama City Beach.

Not only are tourists coming down to celebrate those who gave their lives for America but also celebrate bringing in new life.

“It’s just to hang out with the in-laws. My wife’s pregnant. So, we want to do a babymoon and never been to Panama City. It’s my first time so thoroughly enjoying it. It’s very nice. Good weather. And this beach right here, nice. Not a lot of people. So, the drinks are good,” said tourist Nick Fevella.

The daytime is a great time to enjoy oneself in Panama City Beach. However, many folks are taking advantage of the nightlife during their stay.

“The highlight so far. We went to a glow party last night venture. We were dancing with a bunch of people. We had our glow gear on. It was great. It was a good time.” Said Emma Howard, a PCB tourist.

Without a doubt, when people think of Panama City Beach and Memorial Day weekend, they just have one thing on their minds.

“Just have fun. Relax. You know I’m here with my daughter. Apparently, she wants to party. We took the Jeep. Got the doors off. Just spent a lovely time in Panama. It’s great. On the beach. Trying to find parking was hell,” said tourist Scott Jeffers.

The tourists are traveling hours just to spend some quality time with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend.

“We’re just down here to ultimately just make some memories and just have something that we can look back on in ten years and say we really did that,” said tourist Logan Sherman.

Those coming to visit for the holiday still have one more day left of fun in the sun, so be sure to beat the heat and hit the beach.