PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – The Miracle League allows kids and adults with physical or mental disabilities the opportunity to play baseball.

Organizers built the local dream field at Frank Brown Park about a dozen years ago.

Friday, a group of local women supported the cause by hosting a tennis tournament fundraiser at the Sheraton Resort in Panama City Beach. 

Vicky Dunaway won last year’s Bay Point “Ballbusters” Tennis Team charity tournament. 

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She and her partner had the honor of choosing which charity the proceeds will go towards this year. 

Dunaway said picking the Miracle League was a clear choice for her. 

“It’s just important to help these children,” Dunaway said. “I had a child with down syndrome that played Miracle League and he enjoyed every minute of it and he didn’t care who won or lost. He just wanted to have a coke and go out to eat afterward.”

The goal of Friday’s tournament is not only to raise money for the Miracle League but to raise enough so that they can help build a handicap bathroom they can use during the game.

“Right now they have to walk a long distance and now they are going to have a restroom right near the field,” Dunaway said. 

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Suzzane Kramer, the Tennis Director at the Sheraton Resort, said there are 15 teams of two signed up for the tournament.

“It takes a really great community and group of gals to put together and we have a wonderful membership,” Kramer said. “They all came to me and approached me about it and I didn’t hesitate. I thought it was fabulous.”

Each team paid a one hundred dollar entry fee, plus they participated in a raffle to win prizes from local sponsors. 

Kramer said they were happy to be a part of the fundraiser.

“It’s not about winning or losing, it’s really about raising money for the kids in the community,” Kramer said.

The tennis club is confident they will reach their goal of seven thousand dollars to be able to build the new handicap bathroom at Frank Brown Park.