PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Veterans Day may not be until Friday but some local restaurants began honoring service members Thursday.

American Charlie Grill & Tavern will have live music Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. beginning with the national anthem. 

Veterans and their families can buy draft beer for just a dollar. Veterans Day honors those who served in all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Members of the restaurant said it’s important to give back to vets and show them what they mean to the community.

“We’re in a day and age now where people truly appreciate them,” American Charlie Owner Dave Trepanier said. “But there was a time when they didn’t. So some of these guys were obviously in Vietnam and World War II. And they are what we’re all about. You know, we wouldn’t have this country without them. So how can you not want to be here to honor them?”