PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City Beach residents made their voices heard on eight referendums Tuesday night.

  1. Candidate Residency Requirements: 2,001 Yes, 242 No
  2. Purchasing Cap and Threshold: 1,225 Yes, 985 No
  3. City Manager Purchasing Authority: 1,210 Yes, 1,018 No
  4. Competitive Bids: 1,381 Yes, 833 No
  5. Competitive Procurement Requirements 1,120 No, 1,078 Yes
  6. Charter Updates: 1,689 Yes, 502 No
  7. Revising Duties: 1,442 Yes, 736 No
  8. Miscellaneous Charter Updates: 1,274 Yes, 801 No.

Here’s what they do.

The first referendum would require candidates for mayor or city council to live in the ward they are running for, for at least one year. Currently, candidates only have to live in a ward for six months. It passed.

The second referendum would allow Panama City Beach to purchase non-competitive goods like water utilities for a maximum of $100,000. The current cap is $25,000. It passed.

The third proposal would allow the City Manager to be granted $100,000 in emergency spending if the City Council is unable to call a special meeting to respond to the emergency. The City Manager would then inform the council of the spending at the next meeting if passed. It passed.

The fourth referendum authorizes the city to purchase goods on the same terms and conditions that of federal, state and municipal governments. It would also reduce the procurement process to 30 days. It passed.

Referendum five would allow Panama City Beach to procure non-competitive bids for IT software. It failed.

The sixth proposal would establish duties for the Assistant City Manager, provide a City Manager a public hearing if they are fired for cause, and perform the City Clerk and City Attorney to have annual performance evaluations. It passed.

Referendum seven would allow the Civil Service Board to streamline the hiring process. If approved the three-member board would make hires. It passed.

The final referendum would update the annual budget. It passed.