PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City Beach City Council approved a study for another potential road works project to add to their already expansive list.

The study will determine whether a separate roadway off Highway 98 connecting to Aaron Bessant Park would be beneficial. 

The proposal has it off the south side of Highway 98 across from Frank Brown Park. 

“Because there’s going to be more amenities that happen inside that Aaron Bessant Park complex over that direction,” Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon said. “So as more things come, we need to have a public road for folks to be able to get in and out of there.”

The proposed project would also create a sidewalk and a trail project.

“There’ll be a red light there as Highway 98 gets expanded this year, going to six lanes, that will be a red light,” Sheldon said. “So be a safe, convenient crossing for folks right there.”

The estimated cost of the project would be nearly $210,000. 

Sheldon said it will be a while before any construction gets underway.

“Everything we take into consideration, that’s what the project is,” Sheldon said. “We have 18 months or so that this project will take to design, look at flooding issues, whatever comes about. That’s why we do these surveys and these studies to make sure that we’re actually dotting every I and crossing every T to make sure we don’t have any issues.”

That’s the same area designated for the future Pier Park West shopping and entertainment complex, although there are no concrete plans at the present.

“There’s nothing that’s guaranteed to be in the works today, but there’s always projects coming to Panama City Beach,” Sheldon said.

There have been reports that two of those future projects will be a Dolly Parton-backed theme restaurant and a Tiger Woods Popstroke golf attraction.

Sheldon said nothing about those projects had come across his desk.