PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The Panama City Beach Council amended a long-standing ordinance that regulates the height of buildings.

Prior to Thursday’s decision, all buildings had to be less than 65 feet tall. An exception has been made to now allow medical facilities to exceed this, stretching up to 80 feet.

Panama City Beach Councilman Paul Casto said the rule change is important for medical facilities to meet their needs.

“The hospital sometimes, their medical equipment needs a taller ceiling. And also, we approved this so they could put signage on the hospital. Very important with the emergency facility to have adequate signage so they’re able to put signage on the side of the hospital or for people that are not from here, they’re trying to find their way to the hospital emergency room.”

Councilman Casto made a point to specify all non-medical facilities are still required to not exceed 65 feet.