PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Damage from high winds, a possible tornado, and rainfall Monday afternoon had a lasting effect on several areas in Panama City Beach.

This storm system swept across the Panhandle and left some destruction in its path.

“The roar was much different than any hurricane I’ve been in, it blew my mind,” said Panama City Beach Resident, Mark Myhra.

Several of the first responders surveying heavily damaged areas in Panama City Beach say they saw roofs blown off, fences torn out of the ground, and windows blown out.

“We’ve seen some minor structural damage, this is more on the worse end with the partial roof removal from the high winds,” said Battalion Chief, Tim Smith.

Some signs have been destroyed and other structures flipped over. Leaving first responders cautioning drivers.

“We do have some down power lines, debris in the streets so we just ask that people be careful,” said Smith.

Nearby residents say they were shocked to see how the storm affected their homes.

“I had about a half-inch of sand on my balcony, on the second floor. I didn’t even have that much out of any hurricane in recent memory,” said Myhra.

Even to say this storm was different than the rest.

“The sound of this one was different. It wasn’t the whistling of the wind like a hurricane. This was that classic, I’ve always believed it but I’ve never heard it before, this actually sounded like a train.” said Myhra.

Lots of damage did lead to some injuries. According to Panama City Beach Officials, three people were transported to the ER on the beach after ceiling tiles hit them in the head at an area hotel during the storm.

From what we have learned, crews are expected to be out cleaning up debris into the middle of the week.