PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Developments are finally underway, two years after Hombre Golf Club closed its doors.

After Hurricane Michael damaged the almost 30-year-old golf course, Hombre Golf Club was forced to officially shut its doors in October of 2018.

Since then, rumors have swirled about what will happen to the 233-acre property. Now, owner, George Roberts is ready to reveal what is taking place.

He said the Back 9 that was closed before the hurricane will be a 58 lot subdivision and that Dr. Horton is looking to purchase the middle piece of the property.

“That will be all residential,” Roberts said.

He said he’s developing the front piece, where the number 10 was, into a commercial property.

“Looks like there’ll be a bank, a couple of doctors offices, a tire store,” Roberts said. “They’re all stand-alone parcel buildings, it’s not a strip mall.”

Roberts said he hopes to have the front lot completed soon.

“The Tierra Verde piece in the back and the commercial piece in the front will probably be simultaneously completed, hopefully within the next six months,” Roberts said.

Roberts said because of the pandemic and other developments, it was slow to take off.

“The COVID stuff, trying to get permits, trying to get things,” Roberts said. “We are very fortunate in Bay County right now that we do have a lot of stuff going on.”

He said he fought hard for the residential development on the lot.

“The only commercial piece so far is that out front,” Roberts said.

But residents might be wondering about one more thing: What will happen to the Club House?

“I do have something here at the clubhouse that we are working on that could be something very exciting for the neighborhood and the community,” Roberts said. “But at this time, I don’t have anything locked in.”

But he said he has high hopes for something very special.