PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Aaron Bessant Park has turned into a parking lot full of old, new, and restored automobiles.

“People from all over the country are in Panama City Beach to show off and have fun with their hot rod and children,” Event Coordinator Rakes Parrish said. “All ages, men, women, children and all. Here we even got three couples from Australia.”

Officials say 3 thousand cars will be there this weekend.

Besides the cars, fans can eat, drink, shop for car accessories, apparel, and memorabilia, and enjoy live music.

“We’ve got a big band going to play Loud Planet that’ll be out here,”  Parrish said. “You can sit out in your car and watch that. But tomorrow, during the day, we’ve got a band playing, and on Saturday, we got a band playing.”

Event organizers will also be honoring veterans.

“We’re doing a little thing Friday, but we’re our big winners on Saturday with even air support our veterans up there,” Parrish said. “And then before the concert, we’re doing a big salute to all the better, just so we have veterans up on stage.”

Everett Cole is among the veterans who will be honored.

Since leaving the army, Cole spends his free time refinishing military vehicles.

He brought his favorite to show this year.

“In this particular case, I found it in Spokane, Washington,” Cole said. “Cut in half. In a construction yard. I bought it, dragged it home and welded it back together, started the process of restoration. It’s been with me for the last 20 years.”

Cole said he drove the same model Jeep while serving in Vietnam.

“Which is probably why I have such an affinity for it,” Cole said. 

Emerald Coast Cruisin’ runs from tonight through Saturday night.

You can buy single-day tickets or 3-day passes.