PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Something new is coming to the site of the old Hombre Golf Club off of Back Beach Road, where guests will be able to eat, drink and relax.

Duplin Winery out of North Carolina is opening its third location in Panama City Beach next year.

“I hope to create a place that you guys will be proud to visit,” said Jonathan Fussell, Co-Owner and President of Duplin Wine Family. “That will be a great place for folks to come and hang out and be entertained where you can come in and actually see our wine being bottled and actually bottle your own wine, and come and do a wine-tasting.”

Fussell said he’s excited to bring southern wines and fun times to Panama City Beach, opening a 35,000+ square foot wine-tasting and bottling attraction in January, 2022.

It’ll be on the site of the old Hombre Golf Club, which was devastated during Hurricane Michael. Former club owner and local resident, George Roberts, said while he was disappointed with the state of the golf club after the hurricane, he’s excited for this new development there. 

“I met with the two brothers and I’m very excited,” Roberts said. “I think it’s going to be something good for our area, be like going to California, Napa Valley right here in Panama City Beach.”

Fussell said to start, the plans are to build a Duplin wine-tasting and bottling hub with live entertainment and activities for guests, as well as a vineyard to be planted in May of 2022.

In the future, they’re hoping to build a gourmet restaurant and even a wedding chapel, along with possible on-site hotel accommodations.

“Folks there have been so welcoming and so helpful,” Fussell said. “I’m hoping to learn from everybody in order to help us to be successful.”

The winery has mapped out their foundation for the new facility and it is scheduled to begin construction this year, opening in January 2022.

As for the rest of the old golf club property, Roberts said there are plans coming together for future development.