PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WMBB) — The mascot for A. Gary Walsingham Academy has now been decided after Bay District Schools hosted a social media vote between two finalists.

The school currently being built on Chip Seal Parkway on Panama City Beach will be open August of next year. When it does open students will be enrolling there with the Wahoo as their mascot said Bay District Director of Communications, Sharon Michalik.

“We started with just a competition soliciting ideas, we got some cute drawings, we got some people just kind of wrote a word or gave an idea,” she said.

She said two teachers worked to design visuals for the two finalists.

“Crystal Bullock and Jodi Harless that have their own graphics design marketing company, so they were able to take everyone’s great ideas and drill them down into two graphics that we could look at,” she said. “The Walsingham Wahoos and the Walsingham Seahawks.”

A social media poll was established and after more then 500 votes the Wahoo won by 75% of the vote.

Michalik said the school will open as a K-2 next year and each year a grade will be added until it is K-5. After that, the school district will decide if it will become a K-8.

She said the wahoo is perfect for some of the future school’s curriculum goals.

“Teaching children about taking care of our planets, those kinds of things. Which is another reason why a wahoo is a great mascot so children can learn about conservation and preserving animals and species going forward, that kind of thing. We are hoping to have some outdoor learning spaces at the new school,” she said.

Michalik said the wahoo is also the perfect choice for a coastal community, where the school is being constructed.