PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Tuesday night the Panama City Beach Community Redevelopment Agency hosted a public meeting about the Front Beach Road Segment 4.1 point project.

“What we are out here doing is presenting the final design concepts and plans to the public,” Corradino Group Assistant Program Manager Scott Passmore said. “We’re seeking public comment and input and preparation for going to construction later this summer.”

The project means big changes from east Lullwater Drive to east Hills Road.

“Add sidewalks, it will add a bicycle and transit lane to both sides of the road, we will improve stormwater drainage,” Passmore said. “We’ll have extensive landscaping and the final important component for pedestrian safety is will have lighted sign crosswalks with rectangular, rapid flashing beacons that will be safe for pedestrians to be able to cross the road from one side to the other to go to the beach.”

A Panama City Beach man said he can’t wait for the improvements.

“I’m really excited because we have so many people walking and we have no sidewalks, we have a lot of bikers and we have no bike lanes,” Richard Peterson said. “I mean, I’m overly excited to see this large of a change because I think it’s going to be awesome for tourists and people that live here, too.”

And while Peterson is looking forward to the changes, he does have a few concerns like parking at restaurants along the construction path. Project managers are listening and answering those concerns.

“We’ll continue to work with property owners on their concerns regarding access to businesses and residents will maintain access to businesses and residents out here at all times during construction,” Passmore said.

The project will create a new traffic pattern. Vehicles will no longer be able to turn left off of Front Beach Road onto Pier Park Drive. A traffic light will be added at West Pier Park Drive instead.

The project goes up for bids in April. Construction is expected to begin sometime this summer. It will take about three years to complete.