PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County has been working on the expansion of Philip Griffitts Parkway for several years.

At the end of December, they announced plans for the third phase of the project, which would extend the parkway from North Clara Avenue to Chip Seal Parkway.

The intentions are to help with traffic along Back Beach Road, but Breakfast Point residents have several concerns about the project.

“The concerns it’s just the noise pollution, the effects it has on the wildlife, the nature, everything right here, the property values for the residents of Breakfast Point, that’s important,” HOA President Luis Reyes said.

“Everybody knows how deer are, they can’t resist a road and I don’t know, you know, it depends on how they build it, what impact it would have, we have all sorts of birds, all sorts of animals, fox coyotes, bobcats, eagles, hawks,” resident John Brannon said.

Bay County Commissioner Clair Pease met with around 50 community members on Saturday to listen and gather questions they have about the road expansion.

One of the resident’s main concerns was with where the asphalt will be laid on the St. Joe owned land.

“I believe for the city of Panama City Beach it’s a much-needed road, we’re just concerned that it doesn’t have to be abutting right to the back of our homes,” Reyes said. “As you can see here, we don’t need a highway 60 feet from the back of these homes.”

The environmental impact isn’t the only thing they are worried about, residents are afraid the parkway being built right behind their property will strip them of the privacy and quietness they are used to.

“We were promised that this was not going to happen and not just for us, it’s everybody that lives in this neighborhood that I don’t see a benefit for,” Brannon said. “The property values is going to go down, all sorts of noise that’s not necessary. That’s why everybody would say they bought here is for the quiet.”

Reyes said he appreciates Commissioner Pease taking the time to hear them out.

“We’re not here where they already started construction, decisions haven’t been made so an important thing is as residents, we’re here early and our voice is going to be heard,” Reyes said. “That’s the important thing. Now, I know she said she doesn’t know a lot and doesn’t have a lot of answers. That’s ok, no one usually does when a project first starts, and that’s expected so as long as she comes back, provides the answers to myself and the community will be alright and we have a voice in the process.”

The project is expected to cost $4 million and it will be years before anything is complete.

Bay County Traffic Engineering Division has contacted several residents regarding this project.

In an email, they wrote, “primary objectives of these preliminary efforts will be minimization of social and environmental impacts while involving the public throughout the entire process.”

Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon is planning to attend an HOA meeting later this month to discuss the project.