PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Car enthusiasts from across the panhandle came together Saturday at Rock’it Lanes in Panama City Beach to help make a young boy’s 8th birthday special. 

First grader Noah McMurrey invited his classmates and favorite teacher, clark campbell… 

But only one classmate responded to the invitation.

Unaware of this, Hutchison Beach Elementary’s physical education teacher thought it would be nice to surprise mcmurray at his hot wheels birthday party with some real-life hot rods. 

“Honestly, just popped in my head to join a car group on Facebook and ask if a couple of cars wanted to come and visit,” Campbell said.  “And let’s get some pictures within 30 minutes to an hour.”

Nearly 150 cars showed up at McMurrey’s birthday party to help make the 8-year-olds ‘ birthday truly special.