PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Since October 11, a Panama City Beach man has stood in his backyard and captured photos of bald eagles.

Five bald eagles fly in the Panama City Beach sky over the Trossen home. (Provided Photo/ Helen Trossen)

Tom Trossen’s wife first noticed five bald eagles flying over their home in the Glades neighborhood ten days ago. The couple had visited Panama City Beach for 35 years before moving to the city in 2017. They’d seen various birds, including eagles, before but not in their own backyard.

“We’ve seen eagles before, but having them in your own backyard has just been incredible. Waking up to see them in the morning in the sunrise … and sitting in his perch right there in the tree. it’s just absolutely beautiful to see that,” Tom said.

Since October 11, Tom has grabbed his camera throughout the day to capture the birds flying around the pond or perching in a tree. That day means more to him than just the day he captured an eagle getting a fish from the lake.

“[Friday was] the one year anniversary of the start of 850 Strong. What a perfect image that is, just a perfect representation of us in Panama City Beach recovering from a terrible event but showing our strength,” Tom said.

Trossen says the birds come throughout the day and he plans to continue taking photos of them.