PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — An Arnold High School drone program is giving students the opportunity to receive certification to fly drones.

After one year of courses, students can receive their certification to fly drones recreationally. After two years of classes, they can take a test to receive certification to fly for payment. 

“There’s a lot of systems with technical training whether it be Haney locally, that actually lead to jobs that make a lot of money,” Arnold Unmanned Aircrafts Teacher Mike Cypher said. “And there’s a lot of cross-curricular stuff that they can do with drones in terms of either photography or even welding inspections and bridge inspections and stuff to do with engineering firms.”

Some students plan to use the classes to further their future careers.

“I know that there are multiple opportunities, particularly within the military, to fly unmanned aircraft,” Arnold Student Gavin McDaniel said.

The elective has multiple drones that the students learn to fly. Around 90 Arnold students are signed up for the classes.

“One of the biggest things with kids today is — get them involved, get them some other skills, give them things to put on their resume,” Cypher said.