PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The annual Beach Ball Drop took place at Pier Park again this New Year’s Eve. Thousands gathered to enjoy one of the most popular events in Panama City Beach.

“Just for this ball drop and bring in the New Year here in Panama City Beach,” attendee Barron Laudicina said.

“I like the excitement and the people that come here and all the people and spread the joy of the Happy New Year,” Chandler Wilson said.

The variety of events makes this event so spectacular. From the live music, beach ball drops, food, drinks, and shopping, there is something for everyone.

Many people have attended before and the excitement brings them back year after year.

“The beach balls are huge for the kids, the music, loud music is fantastic and just the energy that everyone brings down here super fun so we decided to come to check it out again this year,” attendee Jason Palagi said.

“The ball drop, the festivities, the food, the people, the beach, I mean, it’s got everything, I love it here,” attendee Lucas Field said.

The New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop is a great way to bring people together to end the year.

“I think it brings the locals and all the locals here kind of brings everyone together for bringing in the New Year and a huge celebration and just bringing the community together,” Palagi said.

For one lady, this event has a special meaning to her and her friend.

“Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my best friend moved down to here and she moved to Santa Rosa Beach and she said, before you die, you have to see these balls drop, I said, ok, so here I am,” Stephanie Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the trip was definitely worth it.

“Oh, absolutely, the best way to end the old year and bring in a new,” Reynolds said.

It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve without fireworks.

There was a firework show after both the ball drops that happened on Saturday evening.