PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WMBB)– Panama City Beach Fire Rescue held a push in Friday morning ceremony for their newest engine which goes into service now.

The tradition dates back to the mid-1800s the old fire engines were pulled by horses. Firefighters had to push-in the steam engines manually.

Chief Ray Morgan said firefighters carry on the tradition to pay homage to the brothers and sisters that came before them, and they did it with the help of Panama City Beach councilmembers.

This addition to the fire rescue will be it’s third front line engine, along with a ladder truck and two back up engines.

“Our men and women give a 100%, and it means a lot to pass this to the next generation moving forward, and that there’s value in our history and lessons to be learned in our history,” said Morgan.

This apparatus has a more reliable engine than the engine it replaced. It also has anti-collision technology, airbags in the cabin, and an alerting system to let those using GPS map apps that the fire truck is in service and responding to an emergency.