BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – The month of September is library card sign-up month across the nation and there are plenty of opportunities to get your card here in Bay County.

All you need is proof of residency in the county to get a library card for free.

A driver’s license, a letter addressed to your house, or your lease are all valid options.

You then will have access to items other than books including telescopes, pans used for cooking, and even a ukulele.

All these items are free at the library, thus saving you money.

“The biggest thing is access. There is a ton of things that you can borrow with your library card,” said Bay County Public Library Community Relations & Marketing Coordinator Sarah Burris. “You can borrow twenty items at a time, which is a lot, and so you’re saving a ton of money as well. Each time you come to the library, we have our receipts to check out that show exactly how much you’re saving, and it can be hundreds.”

A Bay County library card gives you access to check out books at seven different locations across Bay, Gulf, and Liberty County.

You can even request a book from a different library and have sent to a library closest to you.

For more information on the Bay County Public Library, click here.