BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — An influx of wet weather prompted The Florida Health Department to issue a mosquito-born illness advisory.

Local mosquito control officials plan to get ahead of the West Nile virus, although no human cases have been reported yet.

“We just wanna remind people to be cautious,” said Joe Scully of the Bay County Health Department.

“People should use insect repellent, you know insects typically feed at night, so avoid going out at night, wear long sleeve shirts, and long pants. If you are gonna use insect repellent on children just make sure you follow the manufacturers’ recommendations,” said Scully.

Apart from taking care of yourself and your family, Eric Cope with Bay County Mosquito Control says it’s also important to take care of standing water on your property.

“Waste tires are a big issue in Florida especially in Bay County after the hurricane we’ve run into so many waste tires, people either dumping illegally, or they may just have a few in their house. Those hold a lot of water and a lot of the mosquitos that breed in those types of containers carry other diseases that are important to us for us to monitor” said Cope.

Cope added that if you have standing water on your property and you are not sure if it will be an issue, or if you don’t know how to dispose of it, feel free to call Bay County Mosquito Control for help.

That number is 850-248-8720, or head to their website at this link, Bay County Mosquito Control