BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Lorenzo Nolle Dantzler V was found dead at his house on Kings Harbour Boulevard in July of 2021. The trial continues to determine if his wife Angela Riggins Dantzler is guilty of premeditated murder.

The state called several more witnesses to the stand on Wednesday. Case Agent Austin Brock said he observed several cameras disconnected or sprayed with spray paint at the house.

“Being that there was a potential of evidence video captured, I sent a preservation letter to ring and was followed up with a search warrant to get the video,” Brock said.

A video was shown to the jurors from July 11th of the exterior of the house. Investigators said there was no video found past that date. On July 14th, police were called to the home and Dantzler’s body was found. Retired Panama City Police Sergeant Tyler Hill explained how at least one bullet may have hit Lorenzo Nolle Dantzler V.

“What I did was follow that projectile visually from impact through exiting the cushion, entering the bottom layer of the chair exiting at the back of the chair,” Hill said.

The medical examiner said wounds were observed on the victim.

“Five complete projectiles and then fragments of the sixth,” medical examiner Jay Radtke said. “How many total gunshot wounds did Mr. Dantzler have,” prosecutor Peter Overstreet asked. “He had five discrete wounds and then the sixth wound could have been multiple wounds in that knee,” Radtke said.

Radtke said one wound on the chest and one on the head could have been fatal. After nearly 20 witnesses, the state rested its case.

The defense is expected to present its case on Thursday. The trial will begin at 9 in the morning.