PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Around a dozen witnesses took the stand Monday in the first-degree murder trial of Michael Hunt. His attorney didn’t hold back during cross-examinations. 

Defense attorney Philip Massa grilled Panama City Police Captain Kristain Shaw Tuesday morning, saying they had a lack of evidence against Michael Hunt. Shaw said based on eyewitness testimony, such as Danny Scoggins the father of 19-year-old murder victim Alexandra “Lexie” Elise Peck, he believes Hunt was at the Allen Avenue home the night of the shootings. 

“I recognized Mike’s face, and then I also recognized his voice,” said Scoggins. “He has a very distinctive voice.”

Massa argued there wasn’t any forensic evidence tying Hunt to the scene. He pushed the theory that a second suspect, Lamar Woods, could be responsible for the crime. Shaw stood his ground.

“He was suspected. He was interviewed. Again, I don’t have two people placing Mr. Woods at the scene like I do Mr. Hunt,” said Captian Shaw. “That’s your perception.”

Massa continued to go after state witnesses after the lunch break.

Hunt’s ex-girlfriend, whose identity is being protected, said she met Hunt when she was about 20 years old. She said they dated for about 5 years, claiming Hunt prostituted and physically abused her. Hunt’s ex-girlfriend said she went to Alabama and Atlanta with him after he allegedly fled the courthouse to escape a new sexual abuse of a minor charge. 

She also testified that Hunt wanted to get rid of that victim so she couldn’t testify against him, but Massa questioned the ex-girlfriend’s motives.

“It was your purpose after that to get back at Michael any way you can,” said Massa. “No,” said Hunt’s ex-girlfriend. “Did you say you would do anything to get Michael?” asked Massa. “No,” she said. “You never made that statement? You sure?” asked Massa. “Yes, I made that statement, but, I mean, what can I really do?” she replied. 

Alexandra “Lexie” Elise Peck was shot twice in the back of her head at point-blank range. Scoggins’ wounds require him to breathe and speak through a tracheotomy. Two other unnamed survivors did not name Hunt, describing the shooter as a tall skinny black man.

The state is expected to wrap up its case Wednesday. Prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty if Hunt is convicted.