MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — In April, Mexico Beach’s longtime Mayor Al Cathey lost his reelection bid to Michele Miller. Since then Cathey has taken exception to comments Miller has made about his administration and an alleged financial crisis.

Cathey spoke with News 13 about his concerns with the current state of the city government.

“I’ve invested and made a living in this town for my family and I’ve never seen where a transition of political power in terms of a mayor that has affected our town and driven simply put a wedge in our community not only in our citizens but in our city council,” Cathey said.

Cathey said he’s standing up for his team that worked hard to rebuild Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael.

“I’m struggling for those who did so much, they’re not looking for a slap on the back, they do not need that type of recognition, but they certainly do not deserve a slap in the face,” Cathey said.

He attended a budget meeting on July 25th to ask if a statement made by Mayor Michele Miller claiming there is a financial crisis is true. Cathey said he left behind a stable financial statement.

“What she inherited was a solid workforce, solid financial statements were solid, infrastructure was solid, awesome, awesome people surrounding her to support our town and in 90 days all of that seems so insignificant because of her attitude,” Cathey said.

Miller explains what she meant when she said financial crisis.

“It’s not money, it’s not a financial crisis in the midst of the word, but it is a financial crisis when you’re needing to get your audits done,” Miller said.

Along with no audit, the city has lost several employees including an accountant and two city administrators.

“These are a few hiccups and we’re going to move forward, I think we’ve done well when we bring things to the table, we get them off the table, and get them voted on,” Miller said.

But Cathey believes Miller’s attitude is toxic for the entire city.

“It’s sad for our community to walk into city hall and see the morale of our employees and to enter to feel the tension of not knowing how to address the leadership of our city,” Miller said.

Miller said the platform she ran on remains true as she navigates the new position.

“They voted for change, I was all about when I ran about change transparency accountability,” Cathey said.

Cathey said he’s challenging Miller to be a good leader but he said that won’t happen unless she changes her attitude.