MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – The city of Mexico Beach is slowly getting back on its feet after Hurricane Michael leveled the city three years ago, but there is still a need for restaurants and several other vital businesses.

There are a few of those opening their doors now and shortly.

“Mexico Beach is on the map, that’s for sure,” Mexico Beach city manager Douglas Baber said.

The no-longer-Forgotten-Coast is starting to get more and more reopening doors. Baber said unique mobile food shops are choosing to park in the city.

“Food truck concepts are coming more to Mexico Beach,” Baber said. “It’s really become like a breeding ground for them, and they are doing it right.”

One of those new businesses is Bird Dogs, which offers hotdogs as well as gourmet sodas.

“It was a natural choice for us when we started thinking about doing this business to come to Mexico Beach,” Bird Dogs co-owner Aaron Kincaid said.

Kincaid and his family started Bird Dogs last year. It is his first time opening a restaurant

“I’m learning how to run the cash register and learning how to make hot dogs and sunset specials,” Kincaid said. 

He said if his food truck is successful during tourism season, he would consider opening up a brick-and-mortar shop.

“The city of Mexico Beach started thinking outside the box,” Kincaid said. “And getting ready for the tourism season. And we are open and ready, Mexico Beach is open and ready.”

Baber said Bird Dogs is joining a couple of other restaurants currently open in the city, like Killer Seafood and Mango Marley’s. He is also excited to see a familiar seafood restaurant reopen its doors.

“Toucans are working on their permits down the street,” Baber said. “Everyone knows Toucans down the road at 8th street there. So they’re working at that, I’d love to have that break ground sometime soon.”

Baber said the city is working with property owners near the pier, who are interested in food truck permits.

“We are really attracting more businesses, and we need it,” Baber said.

Mexico Beach city officials are also looking for land that is appropriate to house an urgent care and grocery store. However, officials said that may be months or years away.