MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Mexico Beach taxpayers may be on the hook for legal services and other costs in connection to a lawsuit filed by the city’s mayor against the city council.

The city’s insurance company has now said the suit is not covered and they won’t be footing the bill.

Mayor Michele Miller has been in a feud with her own city’s leadership and the four members of her city council since she took office nearly six months ago. Miller claims that the city’s charter gives her ultimate authority in the town and that city officials have kept financial records from her.

Two previous city administrators resigned after Miller took office. The council has now hired a new city administrator over Miller’s objections. Chris Hubbard took over, even though she refused to sign his official contract.

Earlier this month Miller announced her lawsuit. On Friday, News 13 obtained a letter from the city’s insurance company Summit Risk Services in response to a public records request.

“The Coverage Agreement under Exclusion “L” excludes coverage for claims brought by one Covered Party against another Covered Party, which includes all persons who were lawfully elected or appointed officials of the City of Mexico Beach,” the letter states. “Since the Petitioner is the Mayor of the City of Mexico Beach, she meets the definition of a Covered Party under the agreement. As such, there is no coverage for the City of Mexico Beach under this exclusion. Based on the above, Preferred will not be providing a defense or indemnification pursuant to the Public Officials and Employment Practices Liability Coverage part.”

A special meeting will take place on Monday morning, September 25, to discuss hiring an attorney to defend the city.