MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Mexico Beach City Council members picked up their meeting Wednesday where they left off Tuesday. 

But they spent the majority of their time talking about an older issue that still hangs over the city/ The mayor’s lawsuit against the rest of the council.

One of the agenda items was Mayor Michelle Miller’s lack of access to the city’s payroll module.

She claims she’s being denied that access.

City Administrator Chris Hubbard said Miller has access to the city’s financial records.

“This is the citizen’s business,” Miller said. “This belongs to them or our taxpayers. And they deserve to know what our city finances look like. Not skewed. Not redacted. What they want us to see and not see. We need to have full transparency. “

Miller first requested access to all the city’s financial records at the end of April. 

“What I’m not seeing are invoices,” Miller said. “And I have been multiple times to Mary are accounts payable. She’s been very helpful, but she also said, I do not have access to those items I need, such as purchase orders and invoices so that I can see what those numbers that I can’t see are being spent for.”

Hubbard said Miller has access to everything she needs. Anything she can’t see is a result of the software.

“She has access to 100 percent of the items that was approved by city council for her, have access to the it’s a software limitation,” Hubbard said. “It’s not the city preventing her from accessing what she wants to see.” 

In early September Miller filed a lawsuit against the city council. Claiming the council members have violated the city charter by allowing Hubbard to be the sole keeper of the city’s financial record.

Miller said Wednesday was the city’s last day to respond to her lawsuit.

“I just got an email earlier that there has been a response,” Miller said.

Hubbard said by filing the suit, Miller is making the taxpayers cover her legal fees. 

Wednesday Miller said that is not the case.

“I offered if I’m not successful, then I will pay my attorney’s fees, ” Miller said.

Miller said if the judge rules in her favor, she feels the other city officials should pay for her legal fees

Regardless she said she doesn’t want the city to shoulder the financial burden.

Moving forward, Hubbard said he is going to work with the software company to give Miller more access. 

Miller said the judge presiding over the case will ultimately determine the outcome.