MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Mexico Beach City Council members have reconsidered their decision to reject a St. Joe Company project and have approved the project, with some conditions.

Late last month, city council members refused to accept the development plans for phase 2 of Salt Creek.

The project includes plans for more than 90 single-family homes and over 30 townhomes.

However, council members and residents raised a red flag because of issues with Salt Creek’s first phase.

Residents asked for a multi-use trail and some beach parking on the south side of Highway 98.

St. Joe has not answered those requests.

Council members agreed with residents and denied the development order.

Tuesday night, council members heard a letter from the St. Joe officials, pointing out how much the company has done for the Mexico Beach Community.

The letter asked the council to reconsider their decision.

Council members then approved the development order, but with the condition that St. Joe Company build some beach access parking.

“Then before the other condition is before they actually get final approval, in other words, final approval to start selling those lots and people start building those houses then they have to have that parking lot in order, I mean, in usable order at that point.”

A St. Joe’s Company representative attended the meeting.

He’ll take the information back to management to work out the details.

The council will hold a special meeting Wednesday night to complete Tuesday’s long agenda. 

Also, Tuesday was the first day opponents of Mayor Miller could begin a recall process against her.

There was no mention of a recall at Tuesday’s meeting.