MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Yard signs calling for the recall of Mayor Michelle Miller are starting to pop up in Mexico Beach, but apparently they’re illegal.

Mexico Beach has ordinances about signs, whether they’re political or otherwise. Signs are allowed to be posted on private properties such as homes and businesses, but the city’s land development regulations prohibit residents from posting any signs in vacant lots or along right-of-ways. 

“We want to keep the city looking nice,” said City Administrator Chris Hubbard. “You just don’t want to have a vacant lot sitting there with a bunch of signs on it.”

It seems residents weren’t aware of this rule when posting ‘Recall Miller’ signs. Officials said they have received complaints from Miller supporters about the placement of the signs, and protesters have been given 2 weeks to take them down and put the signs elsewhere. 

“Whether it’s the recall committee or private businesses, they did pay for those. We don’t plan on fining them. We’re going to go out. We’ll pick the signs up if they don’t remove them after two weeks and then we’ll hold them here.”

Residents are being given ample time to move the signs in case they live out of town and can’t move them right away. Signs collected by the city at the end of the 2-week notice will be held for 30 days before being discarded. Signs are allowed to be posted on private properties such as homes and businesses. 

“The intent is just to settle this issue once and for all and let everybody know this is how the city is going to address it. We’re all on the same page now,” said Hubbard.

The 2 week time period started Wednesday, so the signs would have to be removed by October 25th.