LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Lynn Haven suffered a sizeable amount of tornado damage Thursday.

The worst of it happened around Montana Avenue near A.L. Kinsaul Park.

Long-time Lynn Haven resident Glenda Butler couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked up the street from her Montana Avenue home.

“I had no idea any of this had gone on down here,” Butler said. “I did not know that it was that bad. It’s crazy.”

She said it stirred up the all too recent memories of the devastation Lynn Haven experienced less than five years ago.

“It reminded me a lot of Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Michael, and its destruction, especially when I saw the house over there by the dog park and noticed that it was missing its garage and some of its roof, I just didn’t know where it landed,” Butler said.

A home on 4th Street was severely damaged in the tornado, which ripped off chunks of the roof and destroyed the inside. Miraculously, the owners moved out just a week ago.

The roof over the carport then flew a block east and landed in the driveway of a Montana Avenue home. No one in that home was hurt either.

Lynn Haven Police Chief Ricky Ramie said just because the storm has passed, that doesn’t mean the area is clear of danger.

“There are power lines down everywhere so we need to keep this area clear until Florida Power and Light can come in and restore our power in the area,” Ramie said. “We just ask people to be patient at this time and we have basically evacuated two homes that are in the area that have children because they have no power but we will be in the area and it will be lit up all night long by Lynn Haven PD.”

Thankfully, there have been no reported injuries in Lynn Haven from this storm.

“All of this stuff can be rebuilt and we’ll help everybody that we can,” Butler said. “We’re a great neighborhood and we’ll just get out there and get her done.”

Lynn Haven city officials and the National Weather Service will be on scene Friday morning, assessing damages and beginning the cleanup.