LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — The Anatomage is the world’s first virtual dissection table, and Mosley High School students are some of the first to use it.

It uses video monitors, displaying real, life-sized images of the human body, laid out like an examining table.

It’s used to teach students about every facet of anatomy, disease, illness, and injury.

The Anatomage table costs around $70,000. However, before this, students and instructors had to rely on cadavers.

Dr. John Wade, the Anatomy instructor, said he’s seeing big improvements in students’ grades.

“They grew up with this technology,” Dr. Wade said. “Some of us had to adapt, but it’s in their blood so they flow right in. They learn quickly. I told them I’m smarter, but they learn faster. It’s student-ready and it’s easy to use. The students have fun and they’re enjoying the process of learning — that’s what’s important to us.”

Students are able to cut the person open, peel back layers of skin and muscles, and even turn the body over.

One of their favorite features is a competition where they guess body parts. Dr. Wade said he eventually wants to let middle schoolers work on the Anatomage table with the older students.