LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB)– Several Lynn Haven families are grieving tonight over the loss of their pets. Those losses are connected.

Two dogs belonging to one family, attacked and killed a cat, belonging to a neighbor, Linda Gallant.

For Gallant, her 8-year-old cat Trinity was more than just a pet.

“She was my baby girl,” Gallant.

She was family.

Gallant often let her cat outside to sunbathe on the porch.

“She would just sit and watch,” Gallant said.

This past Sunday, Trinity would not return home. Gallant got the news she never wanted to hear from her neighborhood. Trinity was attacked by two dogs, the ordeal caught on a doorbell camera. Trinity would not survive the attack.

“My baby girl suffered and she did not need to suffer that way,” Gallant said.
Gallant said she believes the same two dogs killed another pet cat who that lived on Inverness Road.

Lynn Haven animal control officials believe the dogs escaped through an unlatched gate at their owners’ home on Colorado Avenue.

Lynn Haven Animal Control Director Ty Farris said one of the dogs had been picked twice before.

“During those two incidents animal control says the dog never exhibited any aggressive tendencies,” Farris said.

As of now, both dogs are deemed dangerous.

Unless the owners appeal within seven days they will be euthanized.

Farris said the appeal process can be costly.

“The investigation alone is $300 the dangerous dog hearing appeal is $375,” Farris said.

Gallant says she’s an animal lover.

But she’s also concerned about what these dogs might do to a child or an elderly person.

“I don’t like animals hurt at all. But if they do harm they need to be put down,” Gallant said.

Mostly, she’s just trying to cope.

“Two families lost two precious things that morning,” Gallant said.